domingo, 5 de enero de 2014

New year, new post

I know I haven't posted anything in the last month, but between traveling to London, the release of the PS4, work and Christmas I haven't had much time. But this has changed, after a not so good start of the new year I've started developing some web components on polymer and resumed the development of The Social OS to keep my mind busy from other subjects.

This time I want post a tutorial like in the other posts because I'm kind of improvising here and I'm not in the mood either, instead I will link to the source code of the web components I'm developing. I'm developing them right now at the same time I'm implementing them in The Social OS, so it's pretty bleeding edge, it's not clean and it's not pretty, but it has events that was supposed to be the next tutorial and right now I'm adding Streams to make it more adaptable. So it may be useful to learn 2 or 3 things about polymer, events and streams.

poly_widgets (the name is provisional)

Here's a screenshot of the work in progress:

Both windows are web components made with polymer which can be resized, moved and closed. And the icons on the right window are also web components in this case of photos taken by me on mount Serantes that are in my Google Drive.